Thursday, August 30, 2012

First Day of 5th Grade

Yup, another year has passed. With me almost completely absent from this blog. Well, I couldn't let this one pass by- a post of the boys' new photo before the start of a new school year! A new house, but with the same picture carefully measured up from the floor and rehung specifically for the photo for this blog post: The morning of the first day of 5th grade for Sean and Ashton! But first, here they are, such youngins. :) Bright and cheerful, this is their first morning of kindergarten:
And first grade:
Now we can all compare and sigh at how much they've grown- not just in height, but in personality and style. And individuality! Such big boys, those two handsome sons of mine~ (Although now that I'm comparing, it looks like the photo is a little higher than last year, as their heads seem to be coming up to the same place in the painting... Oh well. You can see in their faces the maturity they've gained this past year. :)

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